Rehabilitation Coordination - For Legal Defence

Valerie Lowther's rehabilitation coordination services are designed to significantly reduce counsel's costs, improve the quality and turnaround times for personal injury rehabilitation files.

Valerie's 20+ years combined experience as a Bodily Injury Adjuster and ICBC Senior Rehabilitation Recovery Coordinator provides her with an inside working knowledge of ICBC and expert support to personal injury counsel. Her experience, objectivity, independence, and understanding of Part 7 — Accident Benefits regulations is earning the trust of personal injury lawyers in the lower mainland. Valerie's inside experience makes her a valued short term addition for a defence counsel's team.

The benefits of using her services include - scalability, focused productivity and faster turnaround times to get files completed.

Counsel can rely on Valerie to:

  • Provide pre-referral and pre-assessment consultations
  • Ensure that her work takes into account previous medical fïndings
  • Provide post-reporting consultation
  • Supports her findings with research
  • Clearly state her opinions verbally and in writing
  • Answers all referral questions that are posed to her

Valerie works with counsel on a per file requirement and collaborates with counsel's existing team to provide high quality rehabilitation assessment and recovery planning services.

Discharge Recovery Planning Service
(Hospital Discharge Support)

Valerie Lowther has extensive experience coordinating with hospital discharge specialists, Social Workers, unit heads, patients’ families and additional sources for patient transitions. Valerie's objectives are to ensure her clients' clients receive continuity of care and support for special needs. This includes:

  • Collaboration with clients’ families, hospital and post-care providers
  • Post-Care team selection and direction
  • Team consultation, action planning and issues resolution
  • Coordination of case activities
  • Comprehensive documentation and reporting
  • Case budgeting and expense tracking

Recovery Planning Includes:

Coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the development and implementation of cost-effective recovery plans for clients with long-term catastrophic injuries. Valerie conducts a detailed client assessment, documents the finding and develops an appropriate recovery plan. Valerie investigates clients needs and recommends funding requirements for medical and recovery services, and equipment.

Services include:

  • Conduct an assessment of client needs, develop and implement an appropriate recovery plan
  • Investigate and determine eligibility for disability benefits
  • Act as a liaison for case management services; including researching, identifying and retaining medical support for post-discharge coordination of care and collaboration with treatment teams
  • Review and interpret medical, financial and legal information to identify recovery goals and objectives
  • Be aware and sensitive of the injured person's emotional health and family members
  • Facilitation of continuing care or rehabilitation assessments and therapies, or home modifications

When Would Defence Counsel Work With Valerie?

A personal injury lawyer would reach out to Valerie when they have a case for a person who has been hospitalized and counsel requires an expert to manage the file on their behalf. That is when counsel will talk with Valerie.

Valerie will meet with counsel to form an understanding of what their expectations are for her handling of the file. She explains her services, answer questions and in turn will work with counsel to determine the best methods to proceed.

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