Comprehensive Case Management and Life Care Planning

Rehabilitation Coordination - For Law Firms

Valerie Lowther Rehabilitation Consulting is a company that assists personal injury law firms in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley areas of British Columbia. Valerie helps people whose lives have been disrupted by illness, injury or neurological changes as a result of a catastrophic injury.

The goal is to help counsel's clients receive continuity of care and support for special needs as they transition to post-hospital care.

Valerie Lowther has extensive experience coordinating with hospital discharge specialists, Social Workers, unit heads, patients’ families and additional sources for patient transitions.

Case management and recovery planning includes coordinating, monitoring and evaluating the development and implementation of cost-effective recovery plans for defence counsel clients with long-term catastrophic injuries.

Benefits include

Scalability, focused productivity and faster turnaround times to get files completed.

Personal injury law firms utilize comprehensive case management and life care planning services when they have a case for a person who has been hospitalized with catastrophic injuries and counsel requires a temporary expert to manage the file.

Valerie works with counsel on a per file requirement and collaborates with counsel's existing team to provide high quality rehabilitation assessment and recovery planning services.


Rehabilitation coordination services are designed to improve the quality and turnaround times of rehabilitation files for personal injury lawyers who need temporary expert support.


Valerie's experience as a former ICBC Senior Recovery Coordinator makes her a valued short term addition for a defence counsel's team. Her experience and objectivity is earning the trust of counsel.


Valerie provides services to law firms throughout the Vancouver lower mainland.

Phone: 778-918-1530